The Soul's Alliance

A Guide to self-awareness and change

written by bridget canales

the message

                 "All of the changes I have made have lead me to you. From the moment I sat down at my desk and began to write The Soul’s Alliance, to the moment you began reading its pages. We are the ripples, the winds of change. We are the loners, outcasts and sinners. We are the angels, healers, teachers and shepherds. For we cannot lay down quietly with the sheep. For within us lives the primal roar of the mighty lion and the haunting call of the lone wolf. We are equipped with the wisdom of the ancients. We know the truth of balance. For it is only when witnessing the darkness do we find the light. I bring this message to you. Do not be afraid, for you are never truly alone. Within you lives the divine. It is the unseen force that bridges the gap between race, country, gender and age. The unseen force that connects all to everything. It does not care of what name you choose to say out loud. For it is the nameless. It is you and it is me." -Bridget Canales

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overview of chapters

·        Chapter One-Removing the blinders focuses on how to get off auto-pilot and find your higher self.

·        Chapter Two-Make believe shatters the illusion of control. Providing steps to understanding and changing the things you can control.

·        Chapter Three-Executive decision is about taking responsibility for the self by exploring and changing the decision making process.

·        Chapter Four-Weak spots explains why changing can be so difficult.

·        Chapter Five-All you need is love expresses the importance of self-esteem and self-love.

·        Chapter Six- The five A’s of wisdom breaks down the process of changing into practical steps.


·        Chapter Seven-Personal Code provides the necessary steps to write an individualized personal code of honor. 

my truth


I saw the truth of whom I had become. So I began to rage. Not at others but at myself. For it was only I who was to blame for my suffering. I started to dig. I dug past the darkness and fear. I dug deeper past the shame and guilt. I dug deeper still past the pain and sadness. And then I began to see a different truth. The truth of whom I had originally been born to be, and it was none of these dark things. There was a light here at my center. There was compassion and kindness. Empathy and love, courage, loyalty and honor. This place was pure, untouched, unbroken, and shining bright. I began to evolve into a confidant partner with faith, a student of balance, and a guardian of my own convictions. I had found what I had been seeking. I had found my soul.

humble beginnings

  • Control your thoughts, control your destiny.
  • Become aware of yourself and get off auto pilot.
  • Enjoy nothingness.
  • Let go of positive energy drainers.
  • Eliminate the negativity you are around.
  • Add more of what makes you happy.
  • Be around others that make your life rhythmic and painless.
  • The only one responsible for your actions and feelings are you.
  • Sometimes you have to surrender to see the solution.
  • Release the illusion of control.
  • It's not always greener, and it's still only grass.
  • Experience the entire being of even the tiniest of elements.
  • Don't be deceived by life's illusion. Every where you go you leave dust. Even on the lightest of breezes.
  • Personal perception is so potent it is capable of solving the mystery of life or destroying it.
  • Empower. Don't rescue.

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