black cat

Lay down beside me black cat

Tell me of your worries

Perhaps between the two of us

We could make a jolly story

A tale of princes, mice, and castles too

Of dragons, witches, wizards

And all the magic they do

Put your paw in my hand, let’s run along

Telling tales and singing merry songs

take a walk with me

If you could take a walk with me would you see the things that I see?

If you would take a walk with me I could show you how God made me.

There are many things inside my heart I would like you to know.

There are many feelings I have the need to show.

Being afraid is something I am but maybe you could take my hand.

And lead me to a place I could understand.

A place where the sun always rises.

A place where the clouds are parted.

A place where smiles and laughter are allowed.

 If you could take a walk with me, would you see the things I see?

what keeps you awake at night?

What keeps you awake at night?

The rain on the roof? Scratching on the windows?

Or the crying babe down the hall?

Maybe a burning despair in your soul? Or the heat of rage? Something deeper? Way down inside? Some kind of yearning, longing, or need?

Maybe it’s a face with mesmerizing eyes? Or arms that holds you tight?

Fear of falling asleep never to wake?

Perhaps excitement of the day?

Or is it as simple as to much caffeine?

inside of me

Maybe for just a moment

I could show you who I am

But awareness of this person may be more than one can stand

If you were to go inside me

You’d find a freakish maze

No maps to follow, no prize, no end

Just a foggy haze

A big heart you would also find

If you dig real deep

With lusts, desires, and secrets

All locked up for me to keep

Now if you go inside of me

Do not be afraid

But I cannot be held accountable

Because this is how I was made

a smooth path

Before your eyes you have a choice. Two paths that cross.

Which way to go?

One path is rough with hills to climb

Rocks and stones and snakes to find

Towering trees that never seem to end

Not ever knowing what’s around the next bend

If you walk this path, a risk you must take

Not one choice but many you will make

Never knowing the answers to the questions asked

Trusting yourself will be the hardest task

Then you turn your head to the second path….

This path before you is smooth and straight

No hills, no rocks, no stones, no snakes

No turns, no corners, just one long line

Nothing in site, nothing to find

This path you see is easy and safe

You take a step and then you wait

You turn your head to path number one

And there above it is the shining sun

Then you realize a smooth path is not always easiest to take

So you’ve made your choice, and find it was easy to make