Fear of change


 Let’s talk about some things that make changing difficult.  Changing anything can be very overwhelming and can cause internal discomfort. No matter how uncomfortable it may be, you have to let yourself feel it. You don’t have to wallow in it but you have to feel it and recognize it. All emotions have purpose. Speaking from experience, if your mind is in the right place to see the possibilities, you can change just about anything. 


Throughout my working career I have been fortunate to encounter a variety of personalities, religious beliefs, ethics, morals and cultures. We are all individuals with our own minds. However, I’ve learned we tend to feel a lot of the same things when it comes to life and making choices. We all experience regrets, disappointments and sadness. Every person on this planet has at least two things in common. We feel emotions and bleed the same color. Another commonality is most people have a hard time changing.


There are two specific things I have noticed throughout the years that hinder change. That is fear and leaving the comfort zone. If you have ever seen a child with a favorite blanket or stuffed animal, then you have witnessed how comfort zones begin.  This is not a bad thing. It is important to teach children and adults to self-comfort. The problem exists when these comfort zones start enabling the person from making changes.