Personality types


 I would like to address the importance of finding out your personality type and how this can bring some clarity to some things that you might be questioning. There are hundreds of tests online that you can take to find out your type, you can also find one on my website, at Your assignment is to find out your personality type. Write it down and list one trait you recognize in yourself that goes with each preference.


The personality types are broken up into 4 preferences. Preferences are simply the way we prefer to do certain things. It is usually the things we do naturally. We prefer one way over another. Below is the breakdown of these preferences.


  1. Extravert (E) Introvert (I) : this is where we tend to focus our attention, as well as how we energize ourselves
  2. Sensing (s) intuiting (N): this is how we tend to take in information
  3. Thinking (T) Feeling (F) : this is how we tend to evaluate information and make decisions
  4. Judging (J) Perceiving (P): this is about our lifestyle orientation




When I first found out my personality type, (INFJ) it was like someone had told me I had always been doing what came natural to me and this was NORMAL! I don’t like crowds, they drain me. My preference is introvert, I prefer to be alone because that’s how I energize myself. I have very strong intuitive skills, doesn’t make me crazy. Just means that’s how I prefer to take in my information.


My whole life I was told I’m too sensitive. My preference is feeling, so when I evaluate information, and make decisions I use my personal values for references, to include emotion. My preference for lifestyle is judging. This means I prefer closure, structure, and order. I prefer things settled and planned. I tell people all the time that being spontaneous gives me cramps!  I tend to be a perfectionist which is a trait for an INFJ, so is valuing self-improvement! Finding out your personality type is an important step to becoming self-aware and it is an act of self-love, so find out yours.