Before my awakening I believed life was just something that happened to us. I believed we were our environment, our circumstance. Each person being dealt a specific hand to play. Most not even knowing the rules to the game. I never considered the possibility that life was happening for us. That within each choice there was a hidden gift. The gift of accountability.


What is accountability? Simply put, a willingness to accept responsibility. Being responsible is holding yourself accountable for your behavior, thoughts, actions and emotions. Most people think of responsibility as showing up on time, raising children, going to work and things of that nature. Though these are indeed proof of being responsible, there is a deeper more fulfilling side to responsibility and that begins with choice.


Every day we are surrounded by choices. From the time we wake up till the time we close our eyes to sleep. Most of these choices being made while on auto pilot. As we go throughout our day making choices we are creating our experiences. If we carry the belief that we have no control, no choice then the world we create will be made up of negative experiences. This can cause depression and a loss of hope.