I recently applied for employment for a few different positions. I was fortunate enough to interview at almost every single place I applied. Now that the interview process is over I find myself waiting, not so patiently for a phone call telling me I'm hired. I have noticed that while waiting I have allowed myself to go through an array of emotions. Some being from old thought patters like, "What if I sucked at the interview? What if I said the wrong thing? Could I have done better? " All of these thoughts are not doing me any good of course. I think the reason I start having these sort of thoughts is because for the rest of the process everything is out of my control. There is absolutely nothing I can do except wait and see what happens. The one thing that I do have control over is how I wait. I can control what types of thoughts I allow to enter into my mind, and I can choose which ones are positive and will bring about some positive experiences for me. I know I did the best I could at all of the interviews. By doing these interviews I stepped out  of my comfort zone and nothing disastrous happened. I was able to connect with other people , even if  it was brief. I was able to put more interview experience under my belt. I am a firm believer that everything happens the way they are meant to and I believe in divine timing. After becoming aware of myself and how this experience has effected me I have learned that no matter what happens, everything will work out and I will be fine! 

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