I recently enrolled in a course for Life Coaching. As I am going through the classes I am finding that most of the material that is covered, I also covered in my book, The Soul's Alliance. I fond this extremely interesting. Especially because I didn't even know Life Coaching was a thing until a few weeks ago. Anyway, something that the instructor spoke about today was happiness and fulfillment. He was talking about happiness coming and going but fulfillment stays, it "fills" you up and keeps you content and feeling peaceful. I had never thought about this before but now that the concept has been introduced to me it makes a lot of sense. I am generally happy in my life. I am generally happy with the way my life is. However, I am not fulfilled. My happiness lasts for brief moments and I find myself slipping back into old habits, beliefs, and bouts of depression. As I am going through these classes I am learning that I am not living my passion. I am not giving the way that would bring me the most fulfillment. Self-awareness is the key to everything and as I am learning self-awareness leads to self-control. As I continue on this journey I hope to one day become a Life Coach. To one day helps others as I have been helped.

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