The dark side of the awakening

The dark side of an awakening is not something that is talked about often. In fact when I was researching this subject there was very little information. Which is why I decided to write this blog. I can only speak about my own experiences dealing with this topic but what I write is truth, my truth about the darker side. Initial awakening is euphoric! There is a sense of freedom that surrounds your every move. It is as if your eyes have never really been opened before and you have been looking at life through nothing but a blurred slit. Everything and I mean everything has meaning and significance. The air you breathe, the ground you walk on, the food you eat. The people you are around suddenly become pure souls vibrating a high frequency of energy and peace. You think a single thought and before you realize what is happening you begin manifesting the experience to bring your thoughts into this new reality. You “see” for the first time since you were born into this life. But with the sweet comes the sour. Once the “high” begins to wear off you notice that 90% of the population is still sleeping. Though you can see these souls shining bright within the physical bodies, they have no idea what they really are no matter how you try to explain it to them. They walk around with blinders on, putting so much energy into the mundane.  As an awakened soul you realize that you are more alone now than when you were sleeping and find yourself on occasion wishing you could go back to sleep. You find that the more you try to connect with society, the more you distance yourself from the world that no longer makes sense. Loneliness takes on a different meaning, for you are never really alone because Spirit is always by your side. You become lonely for home. The place you were before you came back. You are lonely for your soul group, your tribe. You find yourself with an abundance of anxiety and depression because you just don’t seem to “fit” into this world and you begin to wonder how you made it as far as you did. You long to fulfill your soul’s purpose so you can rid yourself from this dark place full of greed, anger, hatred and war. You get frustrated because people just don’t get it, even though you so desperately want them to. You feel all of the world’s sadness and it is so heavy on your shoulders. Having small talk begins to leave you exhausted and you need more time alone to recharge. Your own demons (ego self) start popping to the surface to temp you back into your old ways. And sometimes they win, so you feel guilty because you just can’t save everyone. But there is always one thing you can count on, connect to and turn to and that is Spirit. You know the undisputed truth.  You cannot have light without the darkness and when the darkness begins to overwhelm you, you must become your own light. 

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