Each day begins

Every day begins with a clean slate. Some days I am able to take that slate and make my imagination come alive. I dream of a future full of happiness and hope. I imagine my day going exactly as planned. Drinking tea, doing yoga. Meditating on world peace. Absolutely no negative thoughts entering into my brain. Deeply sighing from internal euphoria. And then reality sets in…. Dog has to go out, cat needs to be feed, Kid needs to get to school, bills need to be paid, laundry done, house cleaned, dinner cooked. The list goes on and on and on and well you get the picture. It gets overwhelming sometimes. So much so that my eye starts to twitch and I want to curl up in a ball, cry and stamp my feet. And then another reality sets in… The dog wants to play, the cat wants to cuddle, the house won’t fall apart if it’s not cleaned today, and no one will be naked if the laundry isn’t finished. Dinner is a chance for my family to connect. It really is a matter of perspective I believe. (Oh and by the way….Bills still need to be paid!)

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