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"We are equipped with the wisdom of the ancients. We know the truth of balance. For it is only when witnessing the darkness do we find the light. I bring this message to you. Do not be afraid, for you are never truly alone. Within you lives the divine. It is the unseen force that bridges the gap between race, country, gender and age. The unseen force that connects all to everything. It does not care of what name you choose to say out loud. For it is the nameless. It is you and it is me.

This divine connection is found in the moments of great joy and sadness. It is found in the first breath of life and in the last. The divine is all around you, watching you, protecting you and teaching you. It hears your voice, your prayers and your pain. Trust yourself, love yourself and surrounded yourself with happy, positive experiences. For you are a divine being having a human experience!

Within each of us is a light. A beacon of hope. Before each of us there are different paths to take. All leading to the same destination. Let yourself be open to the experience of love and light. Find within yourself the strength to lead, to change and grow.

There is pain, sadness and fear in this world. This we know. All preparing us to cherish the moments of happiness and love. Reach out. Not with your hand but with your heart. Shed the pain and loneliness. Connect with yourself and others. Peel back the curtain and see the truth of the uncertainty of our future. Feel the fear and let it push you toward courage.

Do not be afraid to become more than who you thought you were. Establish trust and compassion for yourself and others. Become the change the world needs and brave the uncertainties. Go before others and teach the word of love. Be open to change, to surrender because faith cannot be touched by the oppressors.

Learn to love again. Love so deeply that it reaches far beyond yourself. So far that others can’t help but love in return. Be aware of the pain and sadness so you can be aware of hope. Live in harmony, in balance with all that surrounds you.


Accept that true power lies within beliefs. If you can believe, then you can create. Believe in love, forgiveness and second chances. Believe in the goodness within each being. Believe and create a better world for you, me and all others." From The Soul's Alliance

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