the 5 a's of wisdom


Becoming self-aware is the first step to removing the blinders and promoting positive change. Awareness of the self and all that makes you tick is the only way to recognize the changes you need to make.


It is in the act of acceptance that you will learn how to forgive yourself and others. It is only when you fully accept who you are, the good and the bad that you will see the changes that you need to make to promote positive growth. Accepting that you have control only over yourself opens the gate to possibilities and change.


Taking responsibility for your thoughts, emotions and actions is the key to regaining your individual power. Holding only yourself accountable for these things will free you of unattainable expectations of yourself and others, which in turn will leave less opportunities for disappointment.


Allow yourself the freedom to choose what works for you and what doesn’t regardless of what others may think. Allow yourself to trust, to ask for help, to make small steps and to love yourself as you do others. Allow yourself to fail without criticizing or judgement. Allow yourself to feel and talk more. Allow yourself to learn and change. Most of all, allow yourself the opportunity to succeed.



Apply the things you learn, the strategies, skills, and knowledge needed to make changes. Create a daily practice using these things as tools to continue your growth. Set your intentions, set small goals and apply specific techniques to make these goals achievable. Apply your truth and wisdom as stepping stones to your changes.

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