how to set achievable goals

Setting goals can be overwhelming. Start with something small and make the steps to achieve the goal simple. Here are some ideas to help set some realistic goals.

1. Make goals specific

2. Share your goals with a friend, ask for support

3. Write your goals down

4. Set a deadline for accomplishing the goals

5. Give yourself a reward for achievement

6. Continue to review and revise goals


(Example of poorly written goal)

I want to be healthier.

I want to get my roommate to be neater.

(Example of well written goal)

I want to set a schedule for regular physical exercise.

I want to talk with my roommate about how her sloppiness affects me.

General categories for goals:

Family, friends, work, school, spirituality, body, mental health, finances, future

Short term goals: daily to 6 months

Long term goals: 6 months or longer

Setting the goal:

My goal is…..

My deadline to achieve this goal is…..

Steps to my goal are…..

My expectations of the outcome are…..

My reward for accomplishing this goal will be….


The final outcome of my goal was…..

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