mental illness

                I have a theory that people like me, with mental illness, use a part of their mind that “normal” people do not. It is because of this we are deemed crazy. We do not see the world as others do and we think the majority of the time out of the box. We not only think with our mind, but we are capable of thinking with our emotions by using wise mind. Our emotions and thoughts, however crazy they may seem to others, is what keeps us alive, just like breathing air. 

To numb those emotions is silencing our identity. When this happens not only do we feel disconnected, but inevitably we also feel lost. A person with “mind” issues see’s the world from a different perspective, and because of this we are labeled as crazy. We are put on medication to drown out the intuition and the knowledge that comes with it. I believe it is another way to control something that is not understood. The life we are offered on medication is just a way to exist, not a way to live.  People are scared of us because we are different. 

I believe everyone has the capability to activate their intuition, the “voices” but have just stopped trying. Perhaps, simply because it is easier to contort yourself into the mold that the general society has accepted as the norm. I do not claim to understand “the voices” of my mind, but I know they keep me aware, safe and they protect me, sometimes from myself. If it seems necessary for one to label another as crazy simply out of fear, then who is the one deserving of the label? Perhaps we could imagine for a moment all of the medication we are drugged up on (1 out of 5 people over the age of 18) that causes the final blow, which in turn causes “the insanity”. Let’s just say for a moment, that the medication silences the best part of us and what’s left is basically a shell of a person that functions solely on autopilot. 

Are we meant to be zombies for the sake of others comfort levels? What happened to what we truthfully need? Are we to blame because we cannot live a normal life? And if that is the case then why let us live at all? We already know that we are not meant to be normal. We already know that people fear us because they do not understand us. We know that crazy people 'should be' locked away. But what if, we are not the crazy people? What if it’s the others, the ones called normal?   

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