Universal Laws

During the initial stage of my awakening I found myself to be very much like a sponge. It seemed as though I couldn’t get enough knowledge. I truly hungered for it, to absorb information. I researched everything I had ever been curious about. From dream analysis to the history of the Vikings. I found myself curious about whatever this world, this life had to offer. I researched it until my curiosity was satisfied.


One such curiosity was the universal laws. I found the notion of any laws being held higher than mans to be fascinating. I would like to introduce these laws to you. As we live here on Earth, we must follow man’s law or be faced with the consequences. However, perhaps the universal laws are indeed meant to be lived on a more personal level within the connection with the divine. By sharing these laws with you, I hope to bring about the possibilities of a different explanation for why things happen as they do.

The universal laws are either immutable or mutable. The first three laws are immutable, meaning they are absolute. These laws can never be changed or transcended. The other four laws are mutable. Simply put, they can be changed to create your ideal reality. They can be individualized depending on how you see your world.

The first universal law, the Law of Mentalism states that what we see and experience in the physical world begins within the mental realm. Your reality is manifested from your mind, your thoughts. The second law, the Law of Correspondence states that there is harmony and agreement within the three realms, physical, mental and spiritual. Everything comes from the One Source therefore there is no separation.

The third law is the Law of Vibration. Everything is made up of vibration/energy. This is also where the law of attraction is based. Positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative. The Law of Polarity is the fourth universal law. The law states that opposites are two extremes of the same thing, the balance is between the two extremes. Ex. Hot, cold, warm. The principle of duality operates only in the physical and mental realms.

The fifth law, the Law of Rhythm states that everything flows in and out, rises and falls. We are surrounded by cycles. Good times will always follow bad and the process continues to repeat. The Law of Cause and Effect is the sixth law. It states that every effect in your physical world has a specific cause originating from your mental world. In other words, what you think you create. The final universal law, the Law of Gender states that everything has masculine and feminine principles. From plants, animals and humans, they all have both masculine and feminine qualities.

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