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   As I was sitting at the table this morning, having what has now become my daily conversation with myself, I was reflecting on life and the many unexplained aspects of it. I was thinking about Taoism, and the meaning behind the philosophy. Tao, translated into the English language means “the way”.  The natural way of things, flowing not forcing. So I began to wonder “what is the actual definition of natural?’  At this point I get my dictionary, which is about as old as I am, that is missing half of the words of the English language, and I look up natural, which it was indeed in the book.


     The meaning was “produced or existing by nature”. Now I’m thinking basically, what the hell does that mean exactly? So I sit and try to put meaning to those words, in what I’m now considering to be my very small brain. After a minute or so I look at the book again and search for the definition of nature. Again, amazingly enough the word is in fact in this dysfunctional book called a dictionary. The meaning of nature is the universe and its phenomena. And again I’m thinking what the hell does that mean exactly?

     So I look at the definition of natural again and underneath the word natural just happens to be natural childbirth. Upon reading this definition “childbirth with little stress or pain” (Webster obviously never had children.) So as I’m looking at these definitions, I realize that if I combined them maybe I can make the word natural more realistic to us common folk. My definition is this: existing in the universe with all of the shit we just don’t get while experiencing as little amount of insanity as possible. Of course now I’m thinking I should write a damn dictionary that people could understand without using another dictionary to look up the meaning to the words in the first dictionary. 


     Anyway, looking over my definition, I start applying it to Taoism. The way, existing with little stress, or pain. To accept the natural process of life which does in fact consist of stress and pain, but… By accepting this, you experience as little as possible. You let the flow of stress and pain come, accept it for what it is, a state of mind and let it go. No forcing, not trying to stop it. By accepting the feelings you do not let them own you. You own them therefore; you can release them, and let them go.

     Feelings have a tendency to put you in a prison. (Sometimes literally.) Feelings tend to take over your rational mind that is of course if you actually have one.  In this prison there is no lock to keep you held in. you are actually leaning against the door instead of moving your ass out of the way and just opening it. It does not take a genius to open a door. However, when you are so invaded by your feelings, your mind says”  let him lean, eventually he will get tired, fall down, and then I, the super mind, with my super hero cape, will fly in and say’ open the damn door you moron”.  I know it can be much more dramatic then how I put it on this piece of paper, but for my own sanity I’m trying to keep it light. Moving on…although the concept itself is a no brainer, so it should be very easy for some of us, it is probably one of the hardest things to do. You’re asking me “Am I not supposed to feel anything?” No that is not what I’m saying at all; in fact it’s quite the opposite. Feeling is what we do, that’s how we live, and that’s how we make decisions. You know that gut feeling. Which sometimes will literally make us sick.   We feel things to know if they are good or bad. That’s called a conscious; you know that little voice that says “DO NOT DO THAT!!!!!”  And unfortunately we usually dismiss that voice and regret it the next morning when you’re waking up naked beside a stranger with really bad breath.

     This thing called our conscious is a tool for survival. This is where all the things you don’t understand and the “phenomena of the universe” are secretly hidden.  The true mystery is that we have always been capable of tapping in and using this powerful tool. But for what seems to be a very, very, very long list of excuses, we do not use the natural process of accepting this tool and using it to our benefit. Not to point out the obvious for those of you who are mindless genius but we were in fact born with this tool for a reason.  TO USE IT!!!!

     Now the process that one must go through is usually about 40 or 50 years of life. If you are fortunate enough to figure out this secret early then you are a very select few. Congratulations, but you do not get a big check or a new car. Although that would be absolutely brilliant if some guy with glasses showed up on your door step with a fat check, shook your hand and said “congratulations you are now enlightened. Spend your money wisely grasshopper.”  

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