life forgotten

     In my life I have learned many things. Some being very small, others life changing, but both of equal value.  To be honest with yourself breeds integrity and humility.  To be honest with others breeds trust and faith. The world changes every day and it is time for humanity to change as well.  An evolution of sorts must begin, and a unity has to form for us to survive. The world has changed, and there seems to be no room or interest in the “old souls”. When once there was a time for “old souls” to teach us about love, helping others, and true courage. A time when money was not the first on a list of priorities.  When family meant everything and friendships were priceless.

Times have changed…

     Dollar signs blind the eyes, so there is no sight for what truly matters. Children rage war, and babies die from their own mother’s hands. The streets are paved with drugs, guns, and blood. The government turns its head to the hungry, poor, sick, old, and homeless,


but spends countless dollars on weapons and war. Watching from a distance, while we pay the real price with the lives of our children, husbands, and wives. All dying for a cause called greed. Once there was marriage that lasted until death. Once there was a time when children were raised by parents. Children now raise themselves without any knowledge – and they will become our leaders.

     The world is dying and we lay back and watch, without challenging, without asking questions. What happened to the life we cherished, what happened to the fight within us to make changes and better choices? We have all become criminals in one form or another. We have broken the rules of life. And now we begin to pay for our crimes.  It is not only lives that we will lose but our integrity and because of this, our spirits will be broken and there will be no meaning, only emptiness and the fading memory of what was and what could have been.

     Let us come together, to unite our power and bring peace and hope back into our hearts. Let us dig deep within ourselves and find that piece of ourselves that remembers all the goodness in life. Let us remember. Remember that we all bleed the same, and cry the same, regardless of age or color. Remember to listen, love, and learn. Remember that once we were all innocent, and can be again.  Let us remember that our future is not in someone else’s hand, but in our own, and together we can do anything. Together there can be peace.

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