We the people

“We the people”…… what does that mean today? I do not have cable by choice. I stay up to date through the internet like many others. 90% of what I see on the news is horrifying.  Murder, bullying, political corruption, terrorism, hatred and violence. So many injustices. Crime after crime being played out over and over again, from the poorest communities to the richest people in America. Nothing changes. We complain about it, do what we think we can by voting. All though most people know that even this system is as broken as all the rest. So what do we do?

After 911, America came together as a people. So I ask the question, why does it take such a tragedy to become a people? 

We cannot change the world if we are not willing to look at the hard truths of what is happening around us, and nothing will change if we are not willing to change ourselves as individuals. It is true that walking around with blinders on is the easier path. But is it the right path?

If you look back through history the greatest changes came about through difficulty and often began with the “underdogs” who finally stood up and said enough. True power is not accessed through fear but through compassion and love. I believe every human being is capable of accessing this power and as a people that power can encompass the world so we can all begin to heal.

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