Having doubts

Everyone has doubts. As a writer, I am no different. I know my doubts are a reflection of how I see myself, no more no less. Doubts often make me second guess my abilities and skills. More often than not leading to questions.

·         Am I good enough?

·         Are my words important?

·         What if I fail?


When my doubts begin to surface I remind myself of three things. Passion, perception, and progress.


My passion does not lay within the boundaries of being good enough. My passion is in the words I write. It is in the emotion I feel when I write. My passion can be found in the stories and characters that come to life on the pages.


My words are important to me. It is a telling of my own truth. The things that I see, feel, and believe. Our world is made up of personal perception. I know that what I see as my truth may seem silly to some, where others may see a source of empowerment.


As long as I am moving forward, then I have avoided failure. I am making progress. I move toward the next step, the next level of growth. When I face my insecurities and acknowledge my doubts then I am moving closer to my own authenticity. To my own destiny.

Writing is my home, my sanctuary. A place where there is no judgement. I can write something mundane or deep. It is a place I can experience adventure. It is a place I can be at peace because I am home.

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    LAW (Saturday, 09 July 2016 22:16)

    Amazing stuff!