About me

Writing has always been a part of my life. A way to express myself. I have been writing poetry and short stories since elementary school and I’ve keep a journal since the early 90’s. I began to experience depression and anxiety in my early 20’s. In February 2011 I had a dissociate state which lead to an intense inner transformation. I refer to this as my awakening. I became an advocate for self-awareness and change. My success during my transformation lead me to write The Soul’s Alliance, which will be my first publication. I reside in New Ringgold, PA with my family.

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            The Soul’s Alliance takes you on a journey of discovery. Providing insights into understanding the illusion of control and decision making. The book offers practical exercises to guide you on the path of assessing the self, slowing down, making changes and finding a balance in your life.  Whether the change you are wanting to make is big or small or you just feel like something is missing, The soul’s alliance will provide you with the guidance to find that missing piece and to make the change successful.

excerpt from chapter one: removing the blinders

Getting off auto pilot and becoming self-aware

            With the world being what it is today, most people are walking around with blinders on. Look around and you’ll see them fully engaged on auto pilot. They have become the modern definition of the zombie, phones attached to their heads, bodies slouching in front of the great and powerful internet. Completely unaware, all plugged in to this great thing we call technology. 

It’s much easier in today’s society to release the gears and employ auto pilot because there is just so much stuff.  Stuff to buy, watch and get done. We live in a society that applauds how busy your day is, how much stuff you require and the fast pace of daily life.  We run so we can catch up in the race, never even realizing the most obvious outcome. There is no winner and everyone gets the same prize.  A grave and a box six feet under.

So what is auto- pilot?  The easiest answer is the part of you that just does. Does everything without really thinking or feeling about it and most times without enjoyment. Why?  You’re so busy thinking about what you have to do next you forget to enjoy the moment. However, busyness isn’t the only reason for the blinders.

When connecting to the media, what do we see?  Murder, rape, terrorism, animal abuse, global warming and environmental decline. Crime after crime showing us just how “bad” the world is. Knowing this, one could look at auto pilot as a defense mechanism, keeping our innocent selves locked behind a protective barrier. It is easier to numb the pain instead of feeling it.  It’s easier to pretend the problems don’t exist inside the little world you have convinced yourself that you are safe in.

On auto-pilot we believe things such as, “If I keep my head down then I won’t be affected; I won’t have to look in the mirror to see what I’ve become or take responsibility for my actions and I won’t have to change.” There is a major price to pay with this type of thinking and that is losing the gift of your authentic self, your inner wisdom, strength and power. 

You lose the foundation of the self and your core. When you lose this crucial part of yourself, you become like a ripple in the water. Everything you put out into the world stays there.  If you are indifferent, angry or negative, then that is your contribution to our world. The ripples touch everyone and everywhere you go, you leave dust. Think about this for a minute. If you go to a cashier and purchase something, while agitated and mad, your mannerisms towards that cashier are going to affect him/her greatly in that moment. You have that much power!